Presents you can give your bike for Valentine's Day

Your bike is special. Here is a short list of things that you can do for your bike this Valentine's Day.

  • A new gold chain: a new chain can go a long way in extending the life of your entire drive train, saving you from having to replace your cassette or chainrings before their time.
  • A new pair of shoes: replacing worn tires can save you from punctures and make your bike ride safer and more fun. See more info about tire wear
  • A day at the spa: giving your bike a good wash, degreasing your drive train, and lubing up everything after cleaning will not only have your bike looking better, but it will perform better.
  • A night on the town: the best way to show your bike how special it is to you is to spend some quality time with it. Get on and go for a ride!

Happy Valentine's Day!